The path to becoming a licensed RMTi Consultant

  1. Attend RMTi One, RMTi Two & RMTi Three
  2. Repeat RMTi One or attend RMTi for School Readiness
  3. Repeat RMTi Two or attend Face the Fear
    (RMTi Intensive can be taken in lieu of BOTH #2 and #3)
  4. Attend RMTi-Making Connections at least once (this applies to all students who apply for licensure in 2019; Strongly recommended for students applying in 2018 but not required)
  5. Complete three (3) case studies (need to see a person at least three (3) times for each study) and have your case studies reviewed by a current instructor
  6. Complete Application for Certification and pay application fee online.
    (Tier 1 Country fee: $75 USD / Tier 2 Country fee: $25 USD )
  7. Upon application acceptance, you will receive a login to the site where you can sign the agreements and make your annual membership payment.

To remain a licensed RMTi Consultant, you will need to stay qualified/certified in your profession or modality, meet the continuing education requirements for your RMTi Consultants, sign and adhere to the RMTi licensing agreement and pay the annual RMTi licensing fee.

Continuing Education to remain a licensed RMTi Consultant:

  1. Attend at least one (1) class every three (3) years of any RMTi Course
  2. Attend at least ten (10) hours of training every three (3) years in reflex integration, any movement based learning program, or child development. This training can be either in person or online..